Reiki Level I & II

This is where your Usui / Holy Fire III Reiki Journey Begins. Ideal for Personal Growth or becoming a Reiki Practitioner.


Coaching Accelerator Prog.

An 8 Week Journey, designed for the individual wanting to become or is an existing practitioner.


Masters Class

Designed to enhance your personal energy and practice, building off your existing Level I & II Reiki Placements, held in person.

3 Day Weekend Course


01. Experiences & Placements

The energy experiences, healing your energy and connecting you to Reiki.

02. Symbols

Will receive the Reiki II Symbols and knowledge of their use of them.

03. Japanese Reiki Techniques

As taught by Usui Sensei, with the opportunity to practice.

04. Standard Session

How to use the hand positions when conducting a standard session. 

05. Practice

In-class time is given to practice all techniques taught.

06. Class Materials

Will receive a Level I & II Manual from ICRT Centre, along with Supplemental Manual. 


My Happy Clients!

My experience in the Shine Bright Reiki class with Tina was very expansive and grounding. Tina is an incredibly supportive teacher who was always able to answer questions and guide everyone through and beyond this reiki journey . I now have a daily meditation practice and I have been able to find my own empowerment in flowing with and transforming my own life, as well as give support to those around me
Julia Jennings

16 Classes Spread Over 8 Weeks

Reiki Accelerator Program

01. Duration

Weekly classes in a group setting along with, 4 One on One sessions with me.

02. Placements

You will receive Level I & II Reiki Placements, providing further healing of your own energy.

03. Personal Energy Sessions

You will receive 4 One on One personal energy sessions with me, over the 8 Weeks

04. Program Materials

You will receive certified manuals, along with a custom Reiki Journal created by me for our journey.

05. Knowledge

Review Japanese Reiki Techniques and explore the function of Chakras, Meridians, and the Aura.

06. Spiritual Concepts

Exploration of Ancestory, Past Lives, and other Spiritual Concepts.


My Happy Clients!

I would recommend this training to anyone who is curious about energy work and ready to allow healing within themselves. Whether to practice or be a practitioner, this training gave me the tools for this life and all the change we go through which is inevitable. Thank you for all your knowledge and wisdom.
Shanaz Iyer
Shine Bright Student

4 Day Weekend Course

Masters Class

01. Symbols

Receive both the Usui Master Symbol and Holy Fire Symbol, give you a total of 5 Symbols.

02. Experiences / Placement / Ignitions

Increases the Strength or your Reiki Energy and empowers the Master Symbol. 

03. Advanced Techniques

Learn Entity Removal & how to conduct the “Healing in the River of Life” Experience, crystal grid creation. 

04. Program Materials

Will receive Reiki Master Manual from the ICRT Centre, along with Supplemental Manual and Peace Grid. 

05. Teaching Class

Instruction on how to teach your own Reiki Class, giving placements, conducting experiences, and more. 

06. Practical Time

Work within the group to practice the knowledge and techniques learned.

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