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"When you have a strong family bond, you can conquer anything. Working together as a family is the key to success."

Tina Ross

Tina is a skilled practitioner in energy healing, specializing in Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki, Oracle Readings, Channeling, Crystals, and Shamanism. She has over 10 years of experience working with the energy system of the body and the Akashic Records, Ancestry & Past Lives.

Tina’s approach focuses on addressing trauma, conditioning, and dormant energy to create release, clarity, and transformation in her clients. By healing energy frequency, clients can transform their lives in lasting ways, including feeling more relaxed, clear, and vibrant. Tina’s expertise extends to harmonizing karma from past lives, changing ancestral programming, and deep cleansing of the energy field, chakras, and body.

Her clients experience lasting change and are released from the past to live vibrantly and authentically in the present.

Ashley Ross

Hi there! I am lucky enough to work with my beautiful mother! My job is to be creative and bring her visions to life. Everything that is shared with you through Tina’s platforms is designed by me.

I have taken my reiki Level I & II Usui/ Holy Fire III & the Shine Bright Program training through Tina. Both amazing experiences and I look forward to the next class I can take. I do not have an established practice, although I use Reiki as a self help tool on a daily basis! I am fully in my healing journey and I am so grateful to be doing this work and to have my mother as one of my pillars of support!

I enjoy connecting with nature through hiking, birdwatching & gardening. I love being creative through drawing, crochet, embroidery & jewelry making. I also looove reading.. I am lucky enough to live in the magical Slocan Valley and to be in the heart of the wilderness, and getting the opportunity to connect with myself.

Dillan Ross

My role within Mom’s team is more on the backend of things, I will be looking after the future of our newsletter along with building out some more of the business-related goals we all have. 

The past few years have been largely spent selling and managing Real Estate throughout Alberta, in this time I have of course had many sessions through different modalities of Energy Work. All giving me long-lasting and profound results that are driving my passion for helping push us forward. 

I am looking forward to providing quality content and helping everyone gain the resources and ability to see the benefits of a changed lifestyle as I have!

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